International AIDS Society

Media Accreditation and Registration

Online pre-registration for media is now closed. Registration will resume on-site in the conference venue from 18 July, 13:00. More information on opening hours

To register as a media representative, you must request accreditation by submitting three sets of documents. All submitted credentials will be thoroughly checked and verified by the IAS 2015 Conference Secretariat and additional credentials may be requested. Media accreditation is granted at the discretion of the IAS 2015 communications department. For more information on media registration, visit the Terms and Conditions for Media Representatives page.

Media accreditation grants you access to the conference. However, you and/or your organization are responsible for all costs related to travel and accommodation.

Opening Session

Please make sure to register by 18:00 on Sunday, 19 July in order to guarantee your attendance at the opening session, starting at 19:00. Dedicated areas will be set aside for journalists, photographers and videographers in the session room. However, once the room is full the doors may close and access will no longer be possible. Early registration and arrival is highly recommended.