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Third Party Press Conferences

On-Site Facilities

The IAS 2015 Media Centre will have one press conference room. When not in use by conference organizers, the press conference room will be available for use by third parties (this refers to all parties other than the conference organizers and includes NGOs, government bodies, international organizations or agencies, foundations and/or industry representatives).

Scheduling Request Submission

Please complete one online form for each press conference you are requesting to schedule. A maximum of two press conferences per organization will be granted, please note that it is not possible to book two press conferences on the same day.

Please submit all third party press conference requests by 11:59pm CEST on 30 June 2015.  Due to space limitations, the IAS cannot guarantee that all those requesting a press conference slot will be granted one.  A member of the IAS Communications Team will contact you by 3 July 2015 to confirm your assigned date and time and to make arrangements for access to the Media Centre by participants on the day of your event.

Kindly note that only press conferences linked to the IAS 2015 Programme will be taken into consideration and that, when possible, they should take place on the same day as the relevant presentation.


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Third party press conference registration form

Terms and conditions

Deadline for request:
30 June 2015 - 11:59pm CEST