International AIDS Society

Track B – Clinical Science

Course of HIV Disease

B1 Staging
B2 Impact of co-factors / viral clade / tropism / genetic factors / age on disease progression
B3 Acute and early infection
B4 Long-term non-progressors and elite controllers
B5 Disease burden: morbidity / mortality / life expectancy
B6 Gender differences in HIV
B7 HIV-2

Diagnostic and Monitoring Tools

B8 HIV testing (including new algorithms, rapid/point of care testing and strategies)
B9 Viral tropism testing
B10 CD4 measurement (including point of care diagnostics)
B11 Viral load measurement (including point of care diagnostics)
B12 Drug resistance testing
B13 Diagnostics of co-infections (including syphilis, TB, Cryptococcus, hepatitis B, C and other)

Co-Infections (Including Opportunistic Infections)

B14 Opportunistic infections (excluding TB)
B15 Tuberculosis and other mycobacteria
B16 Other bacterial infections and parasitic infections (including malaria)
B17 Hepatitis (excluding hepatitis C)
B18 Hepatitis C
B19 Human T-Lymphotropic Virus type 1 (HTLV-1)
B20 Human papillomavirus
B21 Syphilis
B22 Other sexually transmitted infections (including herpes simplex infection)
B23 Prophylaxis for HIV-associated infections

Co-Morbidities and Complications (Including those related to ART)

B24 HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND)
B25 Neurologic disorders (excluding HAND)
B26 Depression and other psychiatric manifestations
B27 Malignancies (including Kaposi sarcoma, lymphoma, and non-AIDS malignancies)
B28 Fat accumulation and lipodystrophy
B29 Cardiovascular disease
B30 Bone disease (including issues related to vitamin D)
B31 Renal disease
B32 Endocrine and metabolic issues (including diabetes, hyperlipidemia)
B33 Hepatic complications
B34 Ageing in persons with HIV (including frailty)
B35 Immune reconstitution disorders / immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)
B36 Other adverse reactions and complications of ART
B37 Strategies promoting long term health: screening for non-communicable comorbidity

Antiretroviral Therapies in Adults (Clinical Trials and Observational Cohort Studies)

B38 Clinical trials: phase I/II
B39 Clinical trials: phase III
B40 Clinical trials: post-licensing
B41 Timing of therapy initiation
B42 First-line therapy
B43 Second-line therapy
B44 Therapy in highly treatment-experienced persons
B45 Management of late presenters
B46 Simplification (with one- or two-agent regimens) and switch studies
B47 Pharmacology / pharmacokinetics / pharmacogenomics / role of therapeutic drug monitoring
B48 Drug interactions
B49 Antiretroviral drug resistance
B50 Adherence
B51 Ethical issues in clinical trials and treatment strategies

Other Strategies and Therapies (Non-ART)

B52 Therapeutic vaccine trials
B53 Other immune-based therapy trials
B54 Complementary and traditional medicines
B55 Curative interventions (including those aimed at reservoir depletion)
B56 Clinical approaches to drug and alcohol dependence treatment: harm reduction
B57 Novel therapeutic approaches (including gene therapy)
B58 Pain and palliative medicine
B59 Nutrition and HIV

Linkage and Retention in Care

B60 Linkage to care
B61 Retention in care
B62 Indicators of quality of care
B63 Cascade and retention: from HIV testing to care and treatment

Specific Issues Related to HIV Infection and Treatment in Women

B64 Pharmacokinetics and outcomes of ARV in women during and after pregnancy
B65 Other issues related to pregnancy
B66 PrEP for conception and other approaches for the discordant couple to achieve conception
B67 Issues related to menopause
B68 Issues related to contraception
B69 Other sex- or gender-specific issues

Specific Issues Related to HIV Infection and Treatment in Children and Adolescents

B70 Diagnosis of HIV disease in children and adolescents (including early infant diagnosis)
B71 Pharmacokinetics / pharmacodynamics / pharmacogenomics in children and adolescents
B72 Therapeutic drug monitoring in children and adolescents
B73 Drug formulations in children and adolescents
B74 Drug interactions in children and adolescents
B75 Clinical trials and antiretroviral therapy in children and adolescents
B76 Adherence in children and adolescents
B77 Complications of HIV, its therapy and comorbidities in children and adolescents
B78 Opportunistic infections in children and adolescents
B79 HIV-exposed uninfected children (including effects of ART exposure during pregnancy)
B80 ARV management strategies: children and adolescents cohort studies
B81 Behavioural health outcomes in children and adolescents (including sexual risks, substance use and poor adherence)
B82 Mental health and neuro-cognition in children and adolescents
B83 HIV associated infections and malignancies in children and adolescents
B84 Transition into adult care

Specific Issues Related to HIV Infection and Treatment in Key Populations

B85 Clinical issues in men who have sex with men
B86 Clinical issues in people who use drugs
B87 Clinical issues in sex workers
B88 Clinical issues in transgender populations
B89 Clinical issues in indigenous populations
B90 Clinical issues in incarcerated populations
B91 Clinical issues in other key populations