International AIDS Society

Track A – Basic Science

HIV Evolution and Phylodynamics (Intra- and Inter-host)

A1 Viral origins and evolution
A2 Viral diversity, phylogenetics, phylodynamics
A3 Viral fitness
A4 Antiretroviral resistance mechanisms

Basic Retrovirology

A5 Entry (attachment, receptors and co-receptors, penetration and tropism)
A6 Reverse transcription and integration
A7 Viral assembly and maturation
A8 Transcriptional and gene expression regulation (including regulatory genes)
A9 Viral replication (including necessary cellular elements)

Innate Immune Responses

A10  Innate sensors of HIV
A11  Intrinsic cellular defences and restriction factors
A12  Type I Interferons (viral inhibition, immunomodulatory functions)
A13  NK cells and dendritic cells
A14  Monocytes and macrophages
A15  Other innate immune responses
A16  Virus resistance to intrinsic/innate immunity

Adaptive Immune Responses

A17   Antibody diversity and function
A18   B cells and alterations in subsets
A19   T-cell immune responses (CD4 and CD8)
A20   Mucosal immunity
A21   Virus escape from adaptive immunity

HIV Pathogenesis / Immune Function and Dysfunction

A22  Mechanisms underlying systemic immune activation and inflammation
A23  Mechanisms of T cell depletion and reconstitution
A24  Pathogenesis in gut, lymphoid tissues and bone marrow
A25  Microbial translocation and microbial dysbiosis
A26  Correlates and biomarkers of progression of HIV infection
A27  Mechanisms underlying immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS)
A28  HIV replication and pathogenesis in non-lymphoid organs and tissues
A29  Central Nervous System
A30  Ageing and HIV
A31  Mechanisms underlying co-morbidities in ARV treated individuals

HIV/SIV Latency and Viral Reservoirs (Human and Animal Models)

A32 Viral mechanisms of HIV/SIV persistence and latency
A33 Host cellular factors and latency
A34 Cellular and tissue reservoirs of HIV/SIV
A35 Measurement of HIV/SIV reservoirs

Natural Protection Against HIV/AIDS

A36  HIV-1 controllers (including post-treatment controllers)
A37  Asymptomatic long term non-progression
A38  Highly exposed seronegative individuals (HESN)
A39  Correlates of immune protection

Host Genetics and Systems Biology

A40 Host genetics of HIV susceptibility and disease progression
A41 Systems biology approaches to HIV infection

Transmission and Early Infection

A42  Mucosal transmission
A43  Mother-to-child transmission
A44  Transmission via injection drug use
A45 Founder viruses/transmission bottleneck
A46  Acute and early infection

Novel Treatment, Prevention and Cure Strategies

A47 Preclinical drug development
A48 Preclinical prophylactic drug development
A49 Preclinical microbicide development
A50 Nucleic acid-based HIV therapies
A51 Targeting HIV persistence during ART (cure strategies)
A52 Novel approaches in Immunotherapeutics (including bnAbs and anti-inflammatory mediators)

Vaccine Development

A53 B cell-based vaccines
A54 T cell-based vaccines
A55 Adjuvants
A56 Novel vectors and strategies
A57 Therapeutic vaccines

Super- and Co-Infections (Including Opportunistic Infections)

A58 HIV-1 super-infection/inter/intra subtype co-infection
A59 HIV-2
A61 Hepatitis (other than HCV)
A62 Mycobacteria and tuberculosis
A63 Malaria
A64 Other pathogens (including HPV and syphilis)

Diagnostic Tools for Immunological and Virological Monitoring of HIV Infection

A65 Novel assays of immune responses
A66 Novel approaches to viral load monitoring
A67 Novel assays for assessment of ARV resistance/tropism

Animal Models (Excluding Latency/Reservoirs)

A68 Viral determinants of SIV pathogenesis (including diversity)
A69 Non-pathogenic models of SIV and animal models of spontaneous control
A70 Animal models of transmission, disease resistance and progression
A71 Novel animal/virus models for vaccine, cure research, and inhibitor development