International AIDS Society

Track Committees

Each scientific track has a track committee comprised of two track co-chairs and members who are selected with regard for expertise, region, and gender. The track committees play an active role in the preparation of the IAS 2015 conference programme, from the initial planning stage through to finalizing the programme content.

Track A

Zabrina Brumme, Canada
Daniel Douek, USA

Committee members
Galit Alter, USA
Eric Arts, Canada
Jason Brenchley, USA
Nicolas Chomont, Canada
Frank Kirchhoff, Germany
Giulia Marchetti, Italy
Penny Moore, South Africa
Amalio Telenti, Switzerland
Sodsai Tovanbutra, Thailand

Track B

Jonathan Angel, Canada
Peter Reiss, The Netherlands

Committee members
Jintanat Ananworanich, Thailand
Laurent Belec, France
Pedro Cahn, Argentina
Celia Christie, Jamaica
Diane Havlir, USA
James Hakim, Zimbabwe
Marina Klein, Canada
David Margolis, USA
Francois Venter, South Africa

Track C

Ann Duerr, USA
Beatriz Grinsztejn, Brazil

Committee members
Julie Bruneau, Canada
Myron Cohen, USA
Francis Cowan, Zimbabwe
Javier Lama, Peru
Athena Kourtis, USA
Kenneth Mayer, USA
Lisa Maher, Australia
Nelly R Mugo, Kenya
Annette Sohn, Thailand

Track D

Thomas L. Patterson, USA
Farley R. Cleghorn, USA

Committee members
Frederick Altice, USA
Stefan Baral, USA
Carlos Caceres, Peru
Louisa Degenhardt, Australia
Nabila el-Bassel, USA
Catherine Hankins, The Netherlands
Lindsay Hughes, USA
Elizabeth McCarthy, Zambia
Larry Palinkas, USA
Yogan Pillay, South Africa
Sai Subhasree Raghavan, India