International AIDS Society

Community Advisory Group

Although the IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention has a programme focused on clinical, basic and biomedical prevention sciences, the International AIDS Society (IAS) recognizes the crucial role the wider community plays in the HIV epidemic. Therefore the IAS believes that community delegates and activities are an integral part of the conference, with community delegates providing essential input into research and the implementation of HIV science.

To ensure community voices are heard and taken into consideration throughout the conference and that the event is accessible and supportive to delegates living with HIV a Community Advisory Group (CAG) is composed of both international and local community representatives.

Ken Clement, Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network, Canada
Dázon Dixon Diallo, Sister Love, USA
Sean Hosein, Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange, Canada (SPC representative)
Andrew Tan, MyPlus, Malaysia
Mary Ann Torres, ICASO, Canada (Chair)